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The Future Happened Yesterday

Wheeler and Sons Livestock Market, Osceola, Missouri

Welcome to the Information Age, the party started about 10 years ago, but fashionably late will always turn more heads than no-showing. As we rapidly accelerate into the future, cattle prices are higher now than anyone walking the earth today can ever recall. The cattle business has become very comparable to a game of high-stakes, no limit poker. With more and more farmers pushing their chip stack to the center of the table hoping and depending on higher yields, they are taking closer looks at every aspect of their hand.

MoCows Mission

About a year ago I started working with an auction barn to build their web and social media presence. Cattle is big business, and however stable or unstable the market is, it will always be in demand. As I reminisced about going to cattle auctions as a child, I realized that the business hadn't changed much. The prices were higher, the barn was full, and the scent of barnyard still lingered clear into the far parking lot. Going to the barns seemed as close to a social gathering as it did a business trip. The restaurant was full, and the coffee was hot.

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