The Future Happened Yesterday

Wheeler and Sons Livestock Market, Osceola, Missouri

Welcome to the Information Age, the party started about 10 years ago, but fashionably late will always turn more heads than no-showing. As we rapidly accelerate into the future, cattle prices are higher now than anyone walking the earth today can ever recall. The cattle business has become very comparable to a game of high-stakes, no limit poker. With more and more farmers pushing their chip stack to the center of the table hoping and depending on higher yields, they are taking closer looks at every aspect of their hand. Closer attention is being paid to breeding programs, vet technology, feed and nutrition programs, insurance, and the advocation of elected officials in Jeff City and Washington, D.C. Market prices are soaring and the industry is getting more and more competitive, with far less room for error.

The United States, as well as the rest of the free world, finds itself at the dawning of a new era of generational transition. The leaders of industry are finding that the children of the electronics age are nipping at their heels to take the torch to light the path industry will take in the next 20 years. Also, today more than ever, technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in everything we do, including agriculture. Many producers, such as my father, feel the squeeze of transition into the electronic age to be cumbersome and intimidating. Many in my 60 year old father's age group possess strong and superior knowledge of the industry but struggle to keep up with the internet age because of websites and technology that requires a steep learning curve.
In charges, a website founded on the principles of hard work and cattle stewardship of the small farmer in Missouri, dedicated to producing a new age of knowledgeable cattle producers, and protector of the future of the Missouri beef producer.

MoCows is here to provide top cattle industry expert knowledge, promote Missouri livestock markets, make available current market reports from each participating livestock market, and unite all Missouri ruralist on a platform that is easy to navigate and representative of the values which all Missouri Beef producers live by today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The future is here and everybody is invited to the party. We hope you will join us on this journey into the future of Missouri Beef Production.