MoCows Mission

About a year ago I started working with an auction barn to build their web and social media presence. Cattle is big business, and however stable or unstable the market is, it will always be in demand. As I reminisced about going to cattle auctions as a child, I realized that the business hadn't changed much. The prices were higher, the barn was full, and the scent of barnyard still lingered clear into the far parking lot. Going to the barns seemed as close to a social gathering as it did a business trip. The restaurant was full, and the coffee was hot. The cattle looked healthy and well fed as they sped through from one gate to another. It was evident that life was good on the farm.

As I watched the business at hand, I realized that the changes and technology that had so dramatically impacted many other businesses had yet to take hold in the cattle markets. I don't claim to be any sort of expert in the business, but I do invest heavily in marketing and developing technologies that meet peoples needs. I have looked at the major digital and physical publications for the agriculture industry. There is a standard format that businessmen in the industry have adapted to to report and read cattle data. I find the market reports difficult to wade through, but then again, I just learned that the term cow can't generally be used for any bovine specimen. The standard format gave me a lengthy and somewhat vague depiction of agricultural data in the area. If I was just looking at data from my go-to barn where I like to socialize and do business, it was pretty easy to find. I could probably find a few articles that gave me some insight on the market, and the direction it was headed, which is important. As an outsider from the industry, and being more honed to large amounts of data, it left me wanting more.

So my company, Old Empire Media has created this web site, This article isn't here to tell you all the areas my cattle smarts falls short, nor where your modern marketing and data collection strategies fall short. It is here to explain how through MoCows, we are going to create a better way to communicate real-time data about the cattle industry. To demonstrate what is for the agriculture industry, the easiest explanation is to compare other markets with an online presence. For example, when big-shot news journalists write an article, and it gets approved by the editor, as soon is the "submit" button is clicked on the computer, I can see the article from my couch in the living room. I don't have to wait a week or even a day for it to show up on my doorstep. Where can I get this for the cattle industry? MoCows. If I want to filter all the averages on feeder cattle only, where I can I pull that report so I can evaluate the market for myself? What If I want to see specific barn reports as well as averages? Where can I find that data? Yearly averages, monthly averages, weekly averages, and more. Our goals through MoCows is to provide you with better information to make better educated decisions in your business field in ways that I'm not seeing in the current market.

So what is to the cattle industry? To Barn owners and operators, it's a great way to provide data to customers and patrons of the barn imediately. Barn owners can write articles for MoCows, and by doing so, get great publicity. We deliberately put your logo and profile right on the front page. We also promote your barn by awarding a barn of the month, and offer a sale of the month, mostly for bragging rights. This is for your really great high quality sales that walk through the doors of the sale barns. For farmers, it's a place you can go get that data. You can also read an article about the market while you are there. Don't forget to check out the featured barn of the month, and what they are doing that is above and beyond. Other contributors to the site will revolve around other businesses who are part of the cattle industry. We have an advertising platform, and a yellow page section. Besides barn owners, we are looking for other contributors who can offer some insights on the industry worth reading. Just as we do the barns, we can connect that back to your business to draw traffic to your business. We're a small company whose not looking to promote a specific barn, but provide great tools for the industry. If you are reading this and have a vested interest in the cattle industry, we're looking to build MoCows for you and with you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas to make the site more valuable to the industry.